Cheap Beach Weddings

It is now often the case these days for couples t want to get married somewhere exotic and they do not mind traveling large distances for this. Americans certainly belong to this class of people though you can find plenty of wonderful beaches right here in the USA. They too are keen on organizing the wedding at remote destinations and thinking of Caribbean beach wedding as a viable option. It appears that the most likely explanation for this gradual change is the fantastic beaches to be found all over the Caribbean which surpass those generally found of the mainland.

The Caribbean climate is also much milder than that found it the USA so the beaches are much more suitable to hold a wedding at any time of year. In addition to this, many Islands have begun to recognize the appeal that couples are finding when taking their wedding vows surrounded by those that love them on a beautiful white sandy beach with a bright blue sky above. To lure the potential customers, there are now many all-inclusive packages provided by resorts where you could have a free Caribbean beach wedding if the couple opts for spending their honeymoon in the resort. Many couples find this arrangement very suitable since the wedding and honeymoon location is the same.

Another benefit is that most of these resorts will also have provision for weddings where the couple would prefer a little privacy away from other guests but not outside the complex itself. However, if you are considering having a Caribbean beach wedding you will need to find out what the legal requirements are for the location where yours will be taking place. To ensure it all runs smoothly, you would be wise to find out what legal matters need to be attended to well in advance of your travel date.

You probably have to wait for some time before the ceremony can take place and you might also have to obtain a marriage license before the wedding. Quite often there is a large difference in the cost of these wedding licenses which can range anywhere from fifty to three hundred dollars. It is also important that each couple is aware of the passport regulations and ensure that theirs are valid prior to them flying to the Island of their choice for their Caribbean beach wedding. The last thing you want is to be refused entry to the island you have especially chosen because one or both passports are invalid.


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