Cheap Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding is a big issue not just because it starts marriage life but also it could be costly and be nerve-racking. People go with caterers and wedding planners to save themselves stress so they can just enjoy things. But many couples are on a tight budget. Endeavoring to reduce your financial outlay or have an inexpensive wedding will have to cause extra stress. But it is totally doable and it's easy if you do it right. There are many ways to cut costs and reduce your financial outlay. But in general, keep your wedding simple, casual & personalized, DIY as much as possible and buy at cheap. Let's see more detailed ideas.


Save on the venue by not picking a normal wedding venue hotel. If you visit a church, some churches have great deals or you may even not have to pay to rent it. My friend had hers at her mom-in-laws church and it is $300 for the rental of the church, to parade along the aisle, reception room, stereo system, projector plus 6-foot tables, table cloths, plates, glasses, decorations and individuals to come in and install it, and take it all down. So try to check out something like that, where you are able to save a lot of money.

Try having your wedding in a pal/ relatives garden or if you know someone that has a big place with a huge estate, or a landscaped yard where you don't have to pay for the rental of the lot, like a gazebo or a local park. Call to see if you have to rent a pavilion or get a license; these fees are ordinarily cheap. A deck or large porch could be decorated beautifully, and you could use lawn furniture and steps as seating so you wouldn't have to rent chairs.

You can likewise marry at the court house by a judge in his chambers that's what we did then we have an actually formal ceremony that night. Most court houses have a directory of ministers that do it in their homes for donation only or at your house for a tiny fee. Go to your local court clerk's workplace for info about a judge marrying you.

Attire & Beauty

Shop on the internet for a wedding gown to acquired a great discount. There are a great deal of web sites offering discount or cheap wedding gowns. Advertise on the radio or the newspaper. Let sellers realize that you're searching for a wedding gown. Tell them what size, style, color, and type of material. Or you might have a seamstress make your dress or get one a little less costly.

If you are not concerned about being too formal, let the maids of honor and groomsmen pick something with your colors in mind to wear, make sure to have a time to see their choices because at the end it's your wedding.

Have a pal who is talented do the hair and makeup or just do it yourself. I swear by mineral makeup it works wonders.

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