Creative Budget Wedding Ideas

Some might find this difficult to believe, but planning a cheap wedding is rather easy to do. It's also great fun and can be special and creative too! So if you are planning a cheap wedding sooner or later, here are some great tips and ideas for you...

1. Cheap Wedding Locations. Planning a cheap wedding location is not impossible. As a matter of fact, you may have weddings in a mixture of places that are totally free. The local park is a good example. There's usually free to go to a public park, and planning a cheap wedding service there doesn't usually require any permits or other fees either. Double discuss with your local city authorities just to be certain first naturally.

The Beach is the one other free place to possess a wedding service, as is many churches so far as that is concerned. Other ideas include: Having your ceremony at a family group member's home, or having the ceremony in your own garden. If the marriage ceremony couple loves nature, it might be free or very inexpensive to have the marriage ceremony ceremony at a local zoo, nature reserve, or flower conservatory too.

2. Cheap Wedding Receptions. Planning a low cost wedding location is not too challenging either. One method to keep the reception super cheap is to make it a pot luck meal. You may have the guests each bring their own dish, and this maybe requested instead of having them buy you wedding presents if you'd like.

If you'd rather not ask guests to bring food for your wedding location, then ask a couple of relatives to get together and cook the food as a wedding favor gift to you.

Planning a cheap wedding location should also involve picking out cheap or free locations for the reception too. Try to make the marriage ceremony reception co-incide with the ceremony in some manner. If you plan to have your wedding service in the gazebo at the park for example, then plan for the reception to be a barbecue or picnic style occasion in that same park.

Another easy and cheap instance of course, is if you possess the wedding service in your house. Then you can plan to have the reception in your house as well, or out in the backyard if the weather conditions are nice. If you are planning a cheap wedding on the beach, an excellent reception idea is to possess a beach party afterwards... bonfire and all.

3. Cheap Wedding Decorations. When preparing a cheap wedding you'll naturally need to keep the cost of decorations down as far as possible. You do not have to go without them completely though, you just need top improvise.

In place of buying costly flowers for example, try decorating with balloons and streamers instead. Go to a local craft or fabric outlet and buy a few spools of pretty ribbon, then tie the balloons together with strips of the ribbon done up in a bow. Also tie the ribbons into bows themselves, then tape the ribbon bows around for decorations on their own.

Another idea for creating inexpensive table decorations is to simply collect some pretty rocks. Wash them clean, then arrange them creatively on tables or other surfaces. You may even paint the rocks to go with your desired wedding color style.

Here's a good idea if you are planning a low cost wedding that will have an outdoor, picnic or barbecue style reception: buy pretty paper plates and napkins instead of using costly china dishes.

As you can see with just these few ideas, planning a cheap wedding can actually be a lot of fun!

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