Creative Cheap Wedding Ideas

The typical cost of a wedding is at an all time high; a normal wedding are now able to cost tens of thousands of dollars so are you astonished many couples find it financial awkward? It is understandable that lots of couples feel pressured into spending money they do not have but it genuinely isn't necessary; the day ought to be about the pair, not what they have spent and an inexpensive wedding can still achieve this. Think about a a couple of the ideas detailed below if you want to lessen your financial outlay; this could make it a reality for less than you think.

Cheap Hand Made Wedding Dresses

A hand made bridal dress which is the norm these days comes at a cost; other alternatives are available, including buying a previously owned dress. The enormous cost of a new bridal dress cannot always be justified these days; many bridal shops carry a huge number of previously owned dresses that might be hired or bought for considerably less than new.

Planning the Reception

With the wedding ceremony reception requiring the most planning and part of the budget, this is the area to make reductions; figures indicate that a normal of 189 guests attend so when you are planning your cheap wedding, this is where most savings occur. Try and keep your guest list to a nominal amount: ask yourself if you really want to invite relatives you haven't seen for years; instead, choose a three course meal or a hot and cold buffet.

Although it is nice to keep the wedding reception venue in a beautiful hotel, this could be another huge expense but alternatives exist; there are many clubs that might be perfectly suitable or even the home of a close family friend or relative that is large enough.

The Wedding Photographs

Although a lot of photographers stay for the entire day, it is less costly to only rent them for just the ceremony; placing disposable cameras on the tables for the guests to use has in a very short space of time become a very popular alternative. Some people lower your costs by dispensing with the professional photographer entirely; using a buddy or relation may sound strange initially but you can guarantee one of them is a keen amateur photographer.

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