How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

Although it might appear hard to believe, marriage ceremonies are becoming more costly yearly; with a financial outlay in the area of twenty-five 1000 dollars it is not surprising many couples are reluctant to commit. It may feel as if you need to have a costly wedding or miss out, your site does not have a secure checkout as huge savings can be made without sacrificing that much; the day ought to be about the happy couple, not what they have spent and an inexpensive wedding can still accomplish this. It takes a little knowledge, imagination and clever ideas to slim down the masses that is spent; this could come a reality cheaper than you think.

Cheap Hand Made Gown

Almost never considered are the charges related to the hand made bridal dress; lots of brides sell their dress soon after they are married and this is a rational way to slim down the cost. As the wedding dress has probably only been worn once anyway and you can get a once costly dress for half the amount; consider buying an night-time gown or cocktail dress from a department shop maybe even delve into renting your dress for the day.

The Wedding Reception

The largest savings can be made with the reception; planning is critical but with some clever re-thinking, this is where your cheap wedding will save the most. Reducing the number of individuals who attend, including distant relatives or friends you haven't been in contact with for years, will help enormously; you can even carry out a few of the catering yourself and have a hot and cold buffet style meal as opposed to a four courses.

The venue of the wedding reception can likewise be somewhere less costly than the local golf club or hotel; using a tiny club for instance will mean the drinks bill is less by just catering for wine, beer and soft drinks at the bar.

Wedding Pictures

Although a few photographers are employed for the entire day, this is not actually necessary; almost all of guests are more than happy to take photographs on behalf of the happy couple, and they will be 'natural' shots as well! If you actually want to be 'avant guard', why pay for a photographer at all; nowadays most people know someone that is a keen, capable amateur photographer, and there is nothing wrong with asking them to take photographs throughout the entire day.

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