How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Everyone wants his big day to be special and memorable. The typical wedding currently costs between 20.000 and 30.000 Dollars - but in times of credit crunch not everybody is in a position to afford to spend this kind of money. Being with limited funds doesn´t mean you have can´t have a stylish wedding - here are some methods on how to organize a refined but cheap wedding.

Assemble a Budget

A critical step for the organisation of a low cost wedding is making a plan. Without a plan costs add up and you will run out of cash really fast. So you will need to sit around and talk things through. Determine what is essential for both of you and at which points it might be possible to come to an agreement. You want the dress of your dreams? Then you might have to lower your costs on the reception. Your fiancé has his heart intent on live music? Cut down on the invitee list perhaps. You get the idea - get your priorities clear.

In a second step determine how much money you will be in a position to spend and then divide it between the different points on your list. Use a checklist in order not to forget anything. This way you´ll remain on top of everything and avoid ugly surprises.

Setting the Date

By picking out the date of your wedding wisely, you can lay aside a huge sum of money. Choose the off season, prevent the typical wedding season (spring) and days like Valentines day, "pretty" dates like the 10 of October 2010... Wedding reception hotel tend to charge a hefty surcharge for these days. If you make up one's mind to marry on a friday you may be in a position to get an even bigger discount, only make sure to ask for it! Ensure people know you are searching for a great price and request their advice. Currently being with limited funds is a common thing and nothing to be ashamed off!

Hands on: Do it yourself

You want a refined wedding for a low cost price? Then start working! If you do it yourself, you will not have to pay anyone for it! While some things are better done by professionals (like the photos for instance) there are a great deal of things that you can do yourself. Do the initial step and skip the wedding ceremony planner - this will save you a huge sum of money! Look around the web and browse bridal magazines and books ( visit your library and see what they have on weddings) to get inspired. Pay attention to everything you like and then consider how you can copy it. A classical diy project when looking at weddings is the decoration of the reception and the wedding ceremony favors. For a refined wedding ensure you chose your wedding colours wisely and then coordinate the different elements around these colours.

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