Plan a Dream Wedding for Cheap

Weddings are not cheap! I discovered the hard way when I was planning mine. The regular cost of a wedding today is around $25,000! Fortunately, I discovered some good, cost-saving plans that allowed me to have a cheap wedding without making my special occasion seem as if they are a low-priced affair.

1 - The Dress

You can put away a lot of money on your wedding gown by looking online for clearance or discount gowns. I discovered a new, never worn dress on an eBay store for only $250. It was the perfect dress, too! If you purchase your dress online, know your measurements and ask heaps of questions.

Other cost-saving ideas include finding a simple, white dress and accessorizing it yourself. You can also locate a alike non- wedding gown that doesn't have the inflated "wedding" price tag.

2 - Cheap Wedding Flowers

Ordering flowers from a floral shop is very costly. I discovered it much less costly to purchase my bouquets from the floral section at my local supermarket. Costco is in addition a great, cost-saving alternative for flowers. Either arrange them yourself or purchase them pre-arranged.

3 - Simple Centerpieces

Speaking of flowers, table centerpieces can be quite costly if you use floral arrangements. A few brids now are utilizing decorative, candle centerpieces. Not simply will you save a lot of money on flowers, but you'll contribute to the atmosphere of your reception hall. Everyone likes a candlelit dinner!

4 - Potluck Reception Dinner

The potluck wedding dinner is making a comeback. It doesn't have to include bad casseroles and chaotic dinner service, either. With just a tiny pre-planning and delegation, you might have good food and satisfy all your guests with a dinner that everyone loves. Then of course you'll save a ton on catering expenses.

5 - Cheap Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes aren't cheap. Nonetheless, you can supplement a smaller bride and groom wedding cake with a less costly sheet cake to feed your guests. Other cost-saving alternatives include frosted, Styrofoam layers to look after the three-tiered bride and groom wedding cake look but with less cake for a smaller wedding.

6 - Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are a fashionable choice and you can present them in an exquisite method for your bride and groom wedding cake. Cupcakes are likewise easier to bake yourself, which can dramatically slash your reception budget! Feel free to experiment with different flavors to give your dinner guests the chance to indulge in their favorites.

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