Planning My Perfect Wedding

Cheap wedding ideas are somewhat simple to find, but tough to use. Over the course of my collegiate academic career, I have developed many friends who have experienced the marathon- process of planning a wedding party. I have participated in wedding parties and seen first-hand how the content-bride-and-groom-to-be look for cheap wedding ideas. Most collegiate couples tie the knot after graduation and do not have a lot of money accessible for an extravagant wedding. This article seeks to give some cheap wedding ideas for those couples hoping to tie the knot with that special someone and not break both their bank accounts in the act!

Use the Talent of Your Friends and Family

Cheap weddings start by searching "in-house" for the essential components of the marriage ceremony. By "in-house," I mean looking for talents in your immediate, extended, and (if applicable), church families. Saving cash in weddings begins with identifying people with various talents and then graciously asking them to volunteer their talents. Persuasion is likely not necessary. People are pleased when you ask them to use their talents in such an important setting as a wedding. For instance, knowing someone skilled with a needle and thread may save you from having to alter the dresses of the bride and her wedding and the tuxedos of the groom and his wedding. Locating a courageous seamstress proficient at making a wedding dress may save the bride from searching high and low for that perfect gown.

Another example relates to cooking and catering. Catering has been popular in the weddings in which I have participated. Nevertheless, catering in a buffet style needs a great deal of food and a great deal of money to the catering company. A less expensive wedding idea would be to have a well-designed, visually-pleasing luncheon or dinner set up at your reception. Include an appetizer/hors d'oeuvre, salad, entree, and wedding cake. Again, if you have friends that love spending a long time in the kitchen, graciously ask them if they would volunteer their services for your special occasion. These are two examples. You can see how searching "in-house" might be applied to all the other wedding components (e.g., photographer, music, etc.).

Plan a Cheap Wedding Location and Time

Planning an inexpensive wedding also includes making sure that you plan it on the right day and at the right location. Typically, Saturday weddings are the most costly. You could save a bundle of money if you have your wedding on either a Sunday or a Friday night. Guaranteeing you select the right month is in addition extremely important. Since summer is an extremely preferred time for a wedding party, wedding vendors will skyrocket their costs. So, to save a crowd of money on a wedding party, try a month during the earlier an area of the year instead of during the warm summer.

Selecting the wrong location can likewise cost a fortune. If you've your wedding at, say, a large backyard yard in a church, you may be able to save tons. This is since the large backyard or the church can likewise double for a reception area. Try to discover a location that you are able to use in different ways.

Use these Cheap Wedding Ideas

Employing these cheap wedding ideas will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The bride and bridegroom will be able to make use of these savings on magnificent honeymoon, locating a deposit on a house, or saving for a car. If you don't use it, you'll lose it!

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