Planning a Wedding for Someone Else

If you are a bride with limited funds or want to plan a cheap wedding for someone else, you can be losing hope about how to take care of a cheap wedding. Ideas to make it both inexpensive and gorgeous require some creativeness, but many cheap wedding ideas will stun your guests and leave money in your bank account. Saving on a few of the more costly details makes a large difference. You may feel a little overwhelmed, but here are a couple of ideas to make your wedding less expensive.

Cheap Wedding Photography

Brides usually find photography one the priciest details of the wedding ceremony. All the same, though you may feel like photography will break the budget of your cheep wedding, ideas for saving cash can be located. Placing disposable cameras on the reception tables for guests to use provides candid picture memories for free, also allowing you to book your photographer for fewer hours. Also, hiring an amateur photographer or a photography school student, instead of a specialist, may significantly decrease your photography bill.

Cheap Wedding Flowers

Paying for the flowers also poses an issue for lots of brides. Improve your own! Seed is so much less costly than buying flower arrangements. Do a little research about what flowers will be in season right at that moment of your wedding and plant them yourself. If you are too busy do all the gardening yourself, ask a buddy or relative with a garden to grow them for you as their contribution to the large day.

Cheap Wedding Reception

Food causes even more worry for a bride endeavoring to put on a cheap wedding. Ideas for a cost-effective menu display your creativity and ingenuity. If you are desperate to serve a meal, then it can be a good idea to reduce your guest list, at least for the reception. Catered receptions become very costly if you pay by the plate. One way to avert this pitfall is to have an old fashioned reception where friends and family prepare the food for the party. If having a meal is not as essential to you, a unique idea for the reception is to supply a dessert or pastry selection rather than a formal dinner. Have people bring homemade turnovers, pies, cookies and different fun little treats to agree with the wedding ceremony cake.

You can find so many great but cheap wedding ideas that will make your big day both special and affordable. Be inventive and enjoy making your wedding unique and fun while saving money.

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