The Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Cheap marriage ceremonies are getting more and more popular attributable to the on-going state of the economy. Not everyone is able to afford the typical wedding price tag of $28,000! If your one or more of the lots of brides-to-be planning a wedding on the cheap and working with a small budget, you will have to use some unconventional strategies to get your dream wedding for a price are able to afford. My top 5 are:

1 - Leverage The Skills of Family and Friends When Planning A Cheap Wedding

Do you suffer with a cousin who's a talented photographer? What about a buddy who works in a flower shop? Perhaps you've got a buddy who dreams of being a DJ. Friends and family are normally happy to help you with your wedding and you can put away a fortune by utilizing the pool of talent who will be at your wedding anyway.

For my wedding, my sister's boyfriend did the photography, my aunt played the piano, a buddy helped me with the floral bouquets and my mother was my seamstress. She even made all the bridesmaid gown! A buddy of the Best Man, who is a DJ, gave us an amazing deal for his services. We saved a fortune by looking within our own circle of friends and relations.

Using friends and relations in your wedding, nonetheless, comes with a caveat. Be sure that individuals to help with or participate in your wedding will deliver the results you want. The last thing you want to do is to strain relationships.

2 - Barter Your Services

If you have an ability that is in necessity, you can try bartering your services. For instance, if your a graphic designer, you could locate a wedding photographer who is looking for an new logo or business card design. Another benefit is that you might potentially gather additional, ongoing clients for your freelance business this way all the while getting professional services for your cheap wedding!

Find wedding professionals prepared to barter services at or post your requirements on A prosperous barter is built on fairness and trust, so be sure to meet the person you are bartering services with, sign a contract and look after thorough communication.

3 - Get Creative

The best way to plan an inexpensive wedding that doesn't look cheap is to get creative. Create centerpieces, favors and decorations. Dress up simple ( and less costly) guestbooks, candles and even your own bridal dress. Create invitations and give thanks cards. Use creativeness to resolve costly dilemmas for your wedding too. Do you want to leave the church in a special car that's too costly to rent? Perhaps you know someone that knows someone that owns such a car. My husband was able to make use of a Ferrari for a short film he made for free owing to friend connections. What could you get for your own wedding?

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