Wedding Planning on a Shoestring

Cheap wedding planning - can you plan an inexpensive wedding, or is any wedding an expensive ordeal? The fact is that you can plan an inexpensive wedding that won't be inferior to an expensive one. If you and your partner have been living together for lots of years or if you simply have a small budget - an inexpensive wedding is a method to go.

A directory of the things to save on with cheap wedding planning, include:

1. Have your wedding in your backyard.

If you've your wedding at any sort of a restaurant, whether it's a large posh place or a small casual one, you must "pay the hidden fees" to that restaurant, including a serving of their rent, a serving of their employees' salary, and so forth. If you opt to have your wedding in your own backyard, you'll be in a position to avoid all these extras.

2. Invite only immediate family and friends.

The fact is that occasionally there are lots of people invited to a wedding party, that the bride or the groom may not even know a few of them. A wedding is a day for you and your partner. If you simply "weed out" unnecessary names from your guest list, you'll be in a position to achieve both - to lower your costs and to be surrounded only by the people you actually want at your wedding.

3. Make your invitations on your own computer and print them out, in place of buying paper invites.

Invitations are commercial merchandise, which means that they're marked up. What is more, this merchandise is meant for an "emotional" occasion and this is one of the reasons why they're marked up even more than several other items. Thus, you can put away additionally if you make invitations on your own computer and then just print them out.

4. Have an easy menu for your party.

You can organize something tasty but very simple for your wedding. The selection of classes for your wedding does not need to be exotic and costly. You might have some everyday meals, like salads, sausages and potatoes etc.

5. Find an inexpensive wedding gown.

You can find an inexpensive dress online, at a local consignment shop, or on a sale rack at your favorite department outlet. Your wedding gown will serve you for just one day, and therefore it does not need to be brand new or costly. Second-hand bridal dresses are by and large not tired and look like new.

Those are just 5 things to consider, and any of them will help you lower your costs with your cheap wedding planning. A wedding doesn't have to be costly, and a homey wedding with a special touch will also make everybody feel great, including you and your guests.

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