Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

If your searching for cheap wedding party favors, there are a huge amount of them to select from. You should have no problem at all finding one that suits your individual wedding reception or wedding shower.

Just since your wedding has a finite budget does not mean that you are able to give your invited guests gifts or "favors" that they will love. Cheap wedding party favors may be elegant, charming, or even useful. It's all your decision to decide which type you need.

Here are several examples:

If your searching for something elegant, cheap wedding party favors do not have to look cheap. You can get crystal much more inexpensively than most people expect; crystal coasters goblets, and vases cost as little as a few dollars, and they're so enjoyable that nobody will accuse you of giving a low cost gift.

Candles, too, make charming, yet cheap wedding party favors. Heart-shaped candles, carriage-shaped candles, and rose-shaped candles are all charming, yet affordable. Who can resist the romantic glow of a candle? Even nearly all of your invited guests who don't typically collect candles will doubtless burn them, anyway, during a special evening or bubble bath. Candle wedding party favors usually cost just a dollar or two.

Another cheap wedding day favor gift that is very popular right now is soap. This may not initially appear to be a good gift... But bath soaps can come in unexpected shapes. Consider half twelve rose-shaped red, white, or pink soaps in a beautiful heart-shaped box. They may cost less than 2 dollars. Or, for a winter wedding, a box of snowflake-shaped soap confetti. It doesn't cost much more than a dollar, but it will make a special bath-time for your invited guests. It's guaranteed to be appreciated.

Finally, if your on a highly restricted budget, yet you want to give your wedding reception or wedding party guests a token of your gratitude, consider bubbles. Not many adults indulge in buying themselves bubbles; but if you give them as wedding party favors, you can be amazed at the number of grown-ups you see happily puffing away, competing to see who can blow the greatest bubble or the most bubbles from one breath. It's a treat that are able to afford to give them. These cheap wedding party favors cost no greater than a quarter a piece if you buy them in packs of 10 or 20.

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