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Probably the most important aspect of a wedding reception is the wedding cake and the symbolization that is associated with it. As far as we know the wedding cake has been used for hundreds of years although it was somewhat different in the distant past. The problem with many traditions is that over a period of time, and because they are usually remembered as a verbal custom, they change and the true meaning is often not known.

The wedding cake, as far as we know, was originally made of many little wheat cakes which were broken over the head of the new bride. This was meant to bestow fertility and good luck to the new bride for her married life and is one wedding cake tradition which is not practiced any more. The bride and groom must choose the cake wisely as it will be the focus of attention for many photographs which will remember the occasion for many years.

Although the tradition of a three tiered cake is not always used today; many are multi tiered, they are usually covered in royal icing even though a sponge center has become more popular. The bride and groom have a great deal of choice nowadays as to the type of wedding cake they can choose, even designing it themselves if they wish.

Although no longer practiced, the bride was the only person who cut the wedding cake as a signal that she would very soon lose her virginity to the man she had married. The more recent meaning of this act has adjusted with the times and the groom also participates now with the meaning changed to on that signifies their unity in the future.

There are many wedding traditions but one of the more interesting is that one that says  that if an unmarried woman sleeps with a piece of wedding cake beneath her pillow then she will dream of the man she will marry. While this is no longer practiced, it is a quaint story that many people find interesting and makes for an amusing tale at the reception, especially amongst the women. For a long time the very top tier of the cake was held back until the christening of the first born but this has gradually changed and it is now kept for the anniversary of the couples first year together.

Charms were also once placed inside the cake for the bridesmaids to pull out as each had a different meaning and told their fortune. Women still use these charms even though they aren't generally found in the cake anymore but worn on the wrist; horseshoes, anchors, hearts, engagement rings and many others, all with different meanings.


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