Unique Wedding Cars 

It is amazing the effect the right wedding car can have at a wedding both on the arrival of the bride and when it is used by the newly weds when they leave for the reception. For the bride it is a place where she will consider her future on the way to the service and the fist vehicle the married couple will share when they leave the ceremony.

This can be one of the more stress-free tasks associated with planning a wedding that the couple can get involved in but it is best to try a number of wedding car hire companies before the final decision is made. Just as the bride will try on a number of dresses until she finds one that suits her, the same can be said for the choice of wedding car.

Like choosing a wedding dress, the wedding car will need to take into account access as the bride will not be wearing street clothes and the car must accommodate the requirement of a possible long train. When trying out the car it is important to wear similar shoes to those that will be worn on the day to ensure the bride will maintain a certain dignity especially when all those cameras will be focused on her. Try the wedding car out inside for size, comfort and atmosphere and if it matches all those requirements, there shouldn't be a problem on the wedding day.

Reliability is obviously essential so when you visit your chauffeur or wedding car specialist pay attention to their premises not just the car. This should help because if you know that the cars are looked after there is less chance that you will be let down on the wedding day.

Depending on the climate and type of wedding, your choice of wedding car could be a limousine or another type of car but hopefully it will complement the wedding. A Rolls Royce still looks impressive but so do other cars like large Mercedes and larger vintage vehicles. It all depends on the theme of your wedding, and of course, your budget but most wedding car suppliers have several models so don't restrict you choice.

The final color of wedding car you choose may be down to what is available on the day but you cannot go wrong with white or cream. It will also be necessary for the chauffeur to dress according to the style of the wedding otherwise he (or she) will look out of place. Some of these may look like minor details but it is these details that guests remember and really add that finishing touch to a special day.


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