Cheap Wedding Favors 

Depending on the size of your wedding the budget for your wedding favors can be very important. For those people that are more concerned about having a large number of people at their wedding then they may need to consider wedding favor alternatives. The answer to a big wedding with many guests but finite finances is to use cheap wedding favors.

A popular option for a cheap wedding favor is candles which are easily obtainable and available in large quantities. To make the candles look more original and expensive without the cost; why not use personalized ribbons to add the finishing touch. These ribbons can usually be ordered and may include your names and the wedding date and although this may sound like a pricey item, if you purchase these ribbons on a reel instead of precut it can be very affordable. This is a cheap wedding favor that can look like an expensive one if the presentation is carried out correctly.

If that doesn't appeal to you then why not try everyone's favorite, candy, as everyone is happy with this an won't think for a moment that is a cheap wedding favor alternative. To add a finishing touch, why not place the candy in the boxes you have bought in bulk and tie a ribbon around them all of which should not cost a fortune. If you prefer, why not have some bars of candy supplied with your details on them for something a little more individual. {You can easily expand upon this idea, without costing too much more by adding special wrappers especially for the wedding.} You only need to have details of the wedding and bride and grooms name but it really looks nice if there is a picture as well. This can be very affordable especially if you are ordering in bulk and are only using one design for the wrappers.

One little used wedding favor option is to supply the guests with plant or vegetable seeds neatly presented with a ribbon tied around them. Just to make this a little more exclusive, the seeds can easily be placed in a small container or pot that is just big enough to fit them in. A small pot is all that is required to hold the seeds in as the pots are to be used as a gesture only and will not be large enough to plant the seed. This is important because small pots can be purchased rather inexpensively while larger pots will be significantly more expensive.

I always like the practical ideas that also look personal and a pen fits the bill exactly especially as you can have your details on them. Pens do not cost a great deal and can also be paired with personalized stationery for a really practical gift. Although this may be a cheap wedding favor, it will not appear that way to the guests who will be able to send correspondence to the married couple after the reception. You may also want to consider supplying every wedding guest with a stamped and self addressed envelope so they can send you their thoughts on the wedding day.


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