Cheap easy wedding favors 

Organizing your wedding can be one big headache but the wedding favors are always fun. Now, while this may be an easy thing to organize, never leave it to the last minute if you do not want problems or to be disappointed. If you haven't made your mind up yet then there are a few ideas below that you may not have considered but are very effective.

Why not hire some large glass bowls from the caterers and place them in the centre of each table full of your favorite candy. Guests can be encouraged to eat the candy by leaving a message on a place card with a bag that can put the candy in. If you wish, you can finish of the display by wrapping the bowl or placing a ribbon around it.

A different type of wedding favor but still easy nonetheless is to use picture frames which can also double at the reception as place holders as well. Pictures frames are frequently used as wedding favors but must people spend a great deal of time wrapping each favor individually to create a beautiful presentation for the guests.

This can take quite some time if there are a large number of guests but leaving them unwrapped does away with this additional step and obviously saves a great deal of time. Of course when you do away with the wrapping and use them as place holders it is easy to kill two birds with one stone without any stress taking place.

A final thought for a very quick wedding favor is to provide each guest a digital photo of themselves at the wedding. This can easily be done by a photographer who is waiting for each guest to arrive just as they enter where you are to be married.

All the photographer needs to do is supply a fast printer to ensure that the images will be printed ready for the guests as they leave later on. This is a great idea for a wedding favor because your guests will likely be dressed up and will welcome the chance to pose for a professional photo. It will be great for everyone who attends to be able to take their wedding favor away with them and they will see photos of all the other guests as well.

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