Cheap edible wedding favors 

One of the least expensive and yet enjoyable gifts left for guests at a wedding are edible wedding favors. Wedding guests do not mind if the wedding favors are sweet or not. Almost everyone appreciates a bar of chocolate and they will appreciate it more if it has a wrapper designed for the occasion. Chocolate candy bars come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose something you can guarantee everyone one will appreciate. Not only can the bride and groom have the wedding details printed on the candy wrapper but a special loving message can also be placed on there.

Just to complete the favor, why not have the picture of the bride and groom printed on the wrapper as well? If you don't fancy chocolate then why not supply candy filled tins as an edible wedding favor alternative. As with candy wrappers, there is no reason why the tin cannot be personalized for the wedding. You can guarantee your guests will take the tins away with them even if they are empty because not only will they be a reminder of the day but they are practical as well. Candy is a very popular choice when a bride and groom are considering giving edible wedding favors.

A simple option here is to use a large glass display bowl that is full of various types of candy. You can also supply a small themed container on the table for every wedding guest. The guests can fill the containers with some of the candy from the centerpiece at the end of the evening. Cookies are an edible wedding favor that many people overlook but can be just (if not more) appealing. By using plain cookies, it is easy to present them in a nice box with the bride and grooms names plus the date and location of the wedding.

Current technology allows for a photo to be printed on the cookie so a couple could choose to do this as an alternative to a presentation box. It won't be difficult locating a bakery that can do this type of work and you can speed up the process even more by supplying your own ideas on how you would like the cookies to look. An unusual and more exclusive option for edible wedding favors is to give the guests coffee, cocoa or tea. You can select specialty cocoas, teas or coffees or you can have the packaging customized to include your picture, an appropriate quotation, poem or other message related to loves and weddings. Putting the couple's names as well as the wedding date on the package is a good idea as well as including a picture of the couple. I hope these ideas will help with your decision and give something to think about.

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