Cheap personalized wedding favors 

The idea behind personalized wedding favors is they will usually include the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date. These favors are designed to be more permanent reminders of your special day and depending on the type of favor you present to them, they may last for many years to come.

For the wedding couple this is the best type of wedding favor they could give; knowing that whenever it is viewed, the person will remember the day exactly. They will also be more likely to remember details of the wedding when they receive a personalized wedding favor and hopefully this article will provide some information on the types of personalized wedding favors available.

Planning is the key issue here as unlike regular wedding favors, which can almost be left until the last minute to purchase, these require a little more effort and orders should be placed early. Sometimes it is possible to use a supplier who has a ready made stock of favors that can be customized without to much trouble but that does not mean he will not be carrying out this self same service for many other weddings close to when yours is arranged so place the order early. Even for this type of wedding favor supplier, you would do well to order as soon as you have made your decision on the wording as you never know what delays you might be unfortunate enough to experience on top of the wedding.

Rush orders are usually an option but they also usually involve high fees and in fact you will likely find that a rush order may double or even triple the cost of each favor. Remember when you are discussing what to put on your wedding favors, each word will cost and you are free to say what you like but you will need to put the name of the bride, groom, the date and possibly the location. Some of the favorite items that are personalized range from candles, to picture or photo frames and even candy wrappers although it is not always necessary to place the names of the couple on the favor as there are other ways for them to be personalized.

Another popular option for purchasing personalized wedding favors is to give edible favors and many different kinds of edible favors can be personalized; photo cookies are just one example. Most modern bakeries can take a digital photo or even a can and print them onto the face of a cookie without too much trouble.

There is no reason once the image is printed on the cookie that the couple's name and wedding information can't also be placed on it as well. To be different, why not have the wedding favor wrapper personalized instead of the edible favor, as this way they have the best of both worlds or use some ribbon to wrap it with that has been personalized. If you decide to have a personalized ribbon, keep it plain as it is more effective and to help the person who is wrapping the wedding favors, have the ribbon pre-cut.

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