Cheap wedding favors ideas

The bride and groom at a wedding like to show their appreciation to their guests by giving them a gift called wedding favors. Weddings take a great deal of organization so if time can be saved by thinking of an easy wedding favor to give to the guests then all the better.

Although an unusual wedding favor, bookmarks can be very well received as they can be completely personalized and easily created on any home computer and with a photo of the bride and groom plus all the wedding information, they will be something every guest will cherish. The bookmarks can be printed out at home on a decent printer onto colored, quality card that matches the theme of the wedding and if you wish this can be completed with a band of ribbon set ant angle at the top or bottom of the bookmark. If you prefer something simpler then why not try bars of candy supplied by a company that specializes in this type of gift and should cost less than three dollars per bar which is not a bad price for the individual message providing you do not have a large number at the wedding. To keep the cost down, an easy wedding favor tip would be to make your own candy bar wrapper using a computer.

Then all you need to do is buy candy bars of your choice, preferably the same size as you can use the original wrappers as a guide for the ones you have created on the computer. Although if you want to save time, why not by an inexpensive computer design program to create the wrappers for you and of course you can always use this again in the future.

Candles are also an easy wedding favor to arrange and it is easy to buy cheap candles in all different colors and give them to each of your guests as they can be used a variety of ways. A votive candle for instance can also be given in a small votive candle holder which can be purchased very inexpensively by the dozen, and then all you need to do is have some labels printed with the wedding details which you can do yourself if you prefer. Of course large plain church candles which are easier to decorate and don't cost more than a dollar each, can be used and still be effective easy wedding favors. Some people use wide satin ribbon around the candle for greater effect but if you have placed and wedding details onto the candle then you need to make sure the ribbon doesn't cover it.

Small boxes tied with ribbon containing a selection of candy is also an easy wedding favor as everything can be bought in large quantities to save money but they will please everyone. Decorative boxes make lovely additions to your reception table at each place setting as they can also be used to build a tower centerpiece.

These are just a few ideas for easy wedding favors to wet your appetite but it really is down to your imagination.

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