Inexpensive practical wedding favors 

We all want our wedding day remembered by our guests and one sure way to do this is by arranging to have practical wedding favors organized. Practical wedding favors also tell your wedding guests just how much you value them as friends and relations, and are an excellent way to show your appreciation.

Practical gifts are given more value by the guests themselves and are more likely to create that nostalgic feeling you would like. Flowers and candy left in the center of the table are wedding favors which bring about good feelings on the day, but how many wedding guests will keep them after that.

One practical suggestion is coasters which are easily obtainable in a number of shapes, including the romantic heart shape but can also be designed to have your wedding theme imprinted. If you don't want to have special shapes then a regular square or circle will do very nicely but the addition of your theme will make them that little bit special and will always provide memories each time they are used. If you are having a beach wedding then why not place images of the location on the coasters or just put on picture on and leave the rest blank so other images of the wedding can be inserted by the guests themselves.

Just as an idea for something completely different, why not look for some key chains that can be used by your guests every day although you will probably require a couple of designs as men and women's tastes in key chains differ decidedly. In fact there are so many designs you could almost make every one unique but they will at the very least have to be strong enough for regular use as well as a reminder of your wedding day.

Many people decide on the simple idea of giving candles which are easily obtainable and whether you give a church style chunky candle or a dainty tea light with holder, they are practical wedding favors many people will definitely use. Some people use candles on a regular basis as they are more romantic especially with other lights switched off, so it is unlikely they will go to waste. There is always an occasion where candles can be used, even if it is when you have friends round for a meal so as wedding favors go they are definitely of the practical variety.

Another unusual but practical wedding favor is the wine charm which once again can be obtained in a variety of shapes especially the romantic hearts and wedding bells but are still something that can be used. Wine charms are used to identify a person's drink and can be very useful if you have friends around as they can be placed on the glass and easily recognized. It is a common problem at large gatherings for people to walk off with another's drink or to mislay the drink completely which is something the wine charm can help to stop.

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