Very cheap wedding favors 

Planning a wedding can be fun, stressful, but fun at the same time and one of the more interesting aspects is organizing the wedding favors. Don't worry if you can't think of anything as there is a whole industry set up supplying treats for guests. This is important because it can take a great deal of stress when you realize the big event is rapidly approaching and these haven't been organized.

An easy wedding favor option is flowers which really don't take much to arrange but guests can enjoy. There is virtually no preparation involved in this and depending on how many guests you have you may not have to order them well in advance.

Many people who choose flowers decide on a single red rose for each guest as a symbol of their love. Placing the rose on the wedding reception table where the guest are seated is a nice touch and doesn't need to be done until the last minute.

If flowers do not appeal to you then why not give candy a try as an easy wedding favor because it is always popular even if not as original as you would like it to be. A simpler but possibly more interesting method is to present the candy that does away with expensive centerpieces altogether. This can be accomplished by using large bowls filled with different types of candy as the centerpieces on each table.

Supplying each wedding guest with a small tin or other presentation container so they can fill it with whatever candy they wish. This really is easy because each guest can choose whatever candy they like and there isn't a single piece of wrapping in sight.

To give your guests something they can keep why not leave a small picture frame on the table. Wedding favors that do not require any type of presentation are generally preferred and there is something you can do with picture frames that will avoid this problem. If you use the frames to hold the place cards however, wrapping will not be necessary.

For those of you that like an easy wedding favor that is a little different then why not use a local photographer, you can have each guest pose for a shot which can be presented to them at the wedding reception. If he brings along a printer you can distribute the photos before your guests begin to leave the reception. As most wedding photographs are in groups, a photograph with just one couple at a time showing them at their best would be a welcomed wedding favor. As a little extra you could ask the photographer if he could bring along a small projector and have a slide show during the reception when guest can see the photos he has taken.

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