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Just like many areas of weddings generally, the traditional wedding photo album still has a strong presence in 'yesteryear' but things are changing with more modern versions starting to appear. This tradition normally continues inside the album cover by allowing the bride (in her wedding dress) to have the place of honor at the front. Most photographers will then find a special location after the ceremony to take some warm pictures of the married couple together for the album after the service.

It would be unfair and impolite not to show off the whole wedding party in the wedding photo album next especially when they have gone too so much trouble to look their best for the day. The whole group is made up of friends and family of the bride and groom; there is probably a very similar picture in their parent's album. The photos of the bride's attendants will be next in the album.

Of course you cannot leave the groom out and his pictures with all his family members then once that is complete the bride will go through the same procedure. This group of pictures will end up in a special wedding photo album, a beautiful book with a gorgeous cover just like the one that their parents had for their wedding. Wedding photo albums will normally be in white with traditional decoration in the form of wedding bells and horseshoes; usually embossed to enhance the appearance further. The wedding photos will be presented in a form that guarantees attention in an album that will probably be trimmed in silver. Most modern wedding photographers will also be able to supply in 'digital' form on a cd or dvd. The beauty of having photos placed on a digital disc is their durability and as this procedure is inexpensive, it does not add much to the overall cost of the day.

The real beauty of this digital revolution is how easy it is for everyone to enjoy every image of the day on a disc that is in effect a digital wedding photo album which can be stored indefinitely. This also means that guests have the opportunity to print off images they like whenever they wish and still keep a reminder of the day that can be seen at home on the TV if they wish. Unlike many new technologies, this one has a definite advantage over the old as the images can even be printed at home and viewed on a home computer.


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