Cheap Wedding Photography 

The bride and groom are usually so busy on their wedding day that without photos to remind them, many of the days events would be forgotten. Professional digital wedding photographers are usually hired to ensure that memories of the day stay captured and ready to be looked at whenever the couple wants too.

The hardest thing if you are a friend or relation is trying to take photographs of the wedding day that they will be pleased with. Ensuring photos taken with your digital camera are something special for your friend's or relation on their big day might be a little easier once you have read the tips in this article.

Firstly, if you want to take a picture of the couple or any other guest, make sure that the background is good and the shot will not be too crowded. Often when there is a good background there are just too many people in the shot, so if this is the situation, just try and capture a nice head and shoulders shot of the couple.

If some of the guests are wearing glasses, they can be asked to stand with their heads a little down or sideways to avoid the glare effect from spectacles that normally appears when a flash is used. If you are shooting into the light, remember to compensate and increase the aperture otherwise the couple (or guests) will appear dark in the image.

Natural, wedding photos always look better than staged ones but difficult to capture when you are too close so a powerful zoom lens is a great advantage. You should be alert at all times when shooting digital wedding photography since you can seldom ask people to keep posing for you and the day is also about spontaneity.

All your efforts will be wasted if you forget to have fresh batteries or carry enough memory for your digital camera to take every image from the day. A one gigabyte card should be the bare minimum you have if your camera is a six mega pixel model, a larger capacity if the camera has a higher mega pixel rating.

The higher the resolution you set the better the images will be and the larger they can be printed out. Storing the wedding images on a computer or CD will mean that you can print them off whenever you want but a presentation CD can be played back on a TV.

Photography is an art form that many people try to master, just like painting but how well your digital wedding photography images of the day come out will be down to your passion for photography.


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