Free wedding speech order 

In the present world of enormous families, including step mothers and fathers, when selecting your wedding speech order, you can be completely traditional or correct your 'delivery' order in a style you feel comfortable with.  If you have a tendency to prefer the orthodox, the wedding speech order should be the best man to begin.  The best man ought to toast both the bride and bridegroom with some accent on the bride as it's her special day.  Then after the best man, the bridegroom should provide his speech where he won't just toast his bride but also give thanks to everybody who assisted them to get to this remarkable day.

Then once the bridegroom has finished speaking, the bride may select (or not) to talk.  If you happen to be the bride and desire to say a few words, remember to give thanks to your mother and father, the grooms parents and close family, your attendees, and even the ring bearer plus flower girl, but, don't forget to salute your bridegroom.  Once the bride is finished, the best man may rise once more for another salute and introduce the matron of honor who is next to provide a speech.  Again the maid of honor usually doesn't have to talk and if this is the situation, the best man presents the father of the bride who is usually the last to talk.  This is the orthodox wedding speech order and believed by many wedding experts to be all that is needed, however, non-traditionally, which is what seems to be occuring presently, after the father of the bride speaks, more people might say a few words.

In a non-traditional wedding, the wedding speech set up may go something along these lines:  Foremost, the bride and bridegroom may select the bandleader or disc jockey to be their master of ceremonies.  They can then elect to have the master of ceremonies introduce the bride and bridegroom.  The bridegroom will speak foremost to give thanks, and then toast his groom.  At this point, the bride gets up to thank everybody, including all parents and guests.  After the bride is stopped speaking, the master of ceremonies then steps up to present the remainder of the individuals who would like to say something, nevertheless, he or she will usually introduce the father of the bride first, and then any other people who want to follow him.

Remember that when it concerns the wedding speech order, it is really up to the bride and groom to resolve who is and who isn't going to speak. They are also trusted for setting up the order of the speeches resolving who goes first, who will go at the nd, and if they want to nominate a host to present individuals who would like to speak.  If you decide the non-traditional way, make a point when creating your wedding reception plan that you arrange the set up of the addresses and if you select to nominate one, the person who is the master of the ceremony.

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