Mother of the bride wedding speech 

You have been waiting for some time and when your daughter decides to get tied, for most mothers it is the day they have been anticipating and a number of us can easily overdo the mother of the bride wedding speech if we're being careful.  It is better to try to develop your address prior to the wedding reception and rehearse it with your spouse, partner, or your own mom to see the type of reaction you get.  Be certain to be open to honest critique if you receive some as it doesn't mean your address is poor, it just may mean some items should be taken out or additions put in.  A good idea is to take some personal time alone and consider how you were when she selected her dress, her face, her character, and any other matter you love about her because these will be effective tools when penning your address.

Good themes for your mother of the bride wedding speech are just how you feel about your girl and her groom as a couple and what you feel the future will be like for them.  If you know they desire to have kids, talk about how much you want to be a grandparent. You can as well talk a little about your daughter when she was growing growing up, how gorgeous she appears on her wedding day and what she was like before she finally met her groom.  You can discuss how other family members such as her father or stepdad have molded her and why she is a better person because of it.  It's also a nice idea to give the bridegroom a salute and give thanks to his mother and father (or stepparents) and let them know how lucky you feel to have him as part of your family.

Broadly speaking, because the mom of the bride is considered to be the wedding hostess, it's also fine to speak about and give thanks to the people in the room who made her day fantastic, such as close pals or other relations. Your words should be gracious, thankful, and supporting to the bride and groom so remember that when you are planning your address or considering what you would like to say, although funny speeches are pleasant, the mother of the bride speech is a privilege and now it is your opportunity to glow and boast a little about your little girl all grown up.

Depending on what time during the reception your address is expected to start, be particular to watch how much alcohol you drink before you speak.  This will humiliate you but in addition your girl, the groom, and a lot of other people in the room will question what you were thinking.  Beyond giving that genuine speech, it is right if a few tears flow, after all, both of you have waited and planned for this day for a long time and if you have a good relationship with your girl, she'll appreciate the tears of pleasure.  A great mother of the bride wedding speech ought to be classy and earnest so try to remember that and you'll do fine.

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