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Everywhere in the Western world on a Saturday or Sunday when you hear those church bells ringing it's a good indication that another couple have got married. Even in this modern day it is a special service that everyone involved remembers, expecting it to be something that they will only ever do once in their life. Wedding traditions are the best and everyone enjoys seeing the couple cut the cake jus as much as they do drinking a toast with champagne during the speeches.

From the first moment in the morning to the last thing after the reception, the wedding day is full of wedding traditions we have all grown to love. The scene is set and the bride walks towards the alter and her bride with her father ready to give her away, finally exchanging the wedding rings in a gesture of union. I hope you are prepared for your big day; so tell me someone who doesn't enjoy wedding traditions? There's the ceremony itself, the honeymoon, and don't forget the pre-celebration.

Of course, the bachelor party wedding tradition is the most looked forward to by the groom's buddies even if the groom isn't because he can remember parties he has attended and what happened to the poor groom at those. Ok, so the bachelor party might not be a real wedding tradition but it is certainly a favorite amongst the groom's male friends. Bachelor parties can be a lot of fun, providing you are not the groom that is, but something no-one wants to miss out on and I have only been to a couple. These were two of the craziest bashes I've ever witnessed where you commonly have the group of guys, the booze, and maybe a few dancers. Men know that once they are married, going out with their buddies like this will probably be a thing of the past so this is their last chance to have some fun, but hopefully not wit the female dancers. At one time it was the guys who dominated the bachelor parties but the girls have started to catch up and it won't be long before they compete with the men for party antics.

For ninety nine point nine percent of married couples, the honeymoon is their most looked forward to aspect of the marriage. After months of organization the newly weds can finally have some time on their own uninterrupted and with nothing to do except please themselves. Some people think this is the best wedding tradition and that more time and money should be invested in this but that wouldn't be fair would it. The tradition is that the bride and groom have some quality time and doing things together in an atmosphere far removed from the wedding day. The honeymoon may not seem as if it requires a lot of planning but remember how special it is and it should be the best holiday you ever have.


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