Cultural wedding traditions marriage 

Many wedding traditions exist around the world, some of which are very old which are still practiced to day but possibly the exact reason has been lost but that does not mean that new wedding traditions are not being created. One such wedding tradition is that of the bride placing a tiara on her head but this tradition's roots are known and come from centuries ago when it was customary for kings to have a ribbon, usually white, placed on their head and shoulders.

However, the tiara or bridal diadem has become a symbol of femininity for a bride as down through the ages the wedding tiara became a half moon shaped band, which displays such finery as ribbons, flowers or gemstones. The bride will wear her tiara on top of the wedding veil which finishes off the adornment and in some weddings, the bridesmaids will also wear a tiara as well but it is more likely to be plainer than the brides. The wedding tiara has gained quite a popular following with certain wedding themes and they are usually some of the most wonderful keepsakes of such a special day. Some weddings feature the bridesmaids, maid of honor, sometimes even the flower girl, being presented with tiara shaped rings as wedding favors.

It wasn't that long ago that the people belonging to the wedding party would take the newly weds to the honeymoon location. At the destination the male members of the party would all try to remove the garter so they could hand it to the woman they wished to impress. Unfortunately with this wedding tradition it became quite common for the men to become over competitive and actually undress the bride in order to retrieve the garter so brides started to throw the garter at the men once the ceremony was complete.

This was considered a signal for the next male to be betrothed however; the men would generally get too drunk and make attempts at taking the garter themselves. This had to stop otherwise the dignity of the bride and groom at this special occasion was being undermined so the bride started to toss the bouquet to the women which had the same significance as that of the garter. Garters are now worn by most brides and although they no longer hold up the stockings as they did many years ago, the belief that they are a necessary part of the wedding attire is strong.

The garter should really be blue as a sign of good luck although this tradition has not really stuck as women often favor red garters nowadays. Nowadays when the garter is used the tradition is for the groom to remove it and either snap it through his fingers at the male's guests or throw it over his shoulder and this way the bride is not likely to be embarrassed. For the lucky man that catches the garter it is said that he will be the first to marry within the year following the wedding, providing he is a bachelor of course.

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