Wedding cake traditions bride and groom 

The wedding cake is still the main attraction at the wedding reception and something most guests look forward to seeing for the first time. For centuries there have been traditions associated with wedding cakes, which have their origins from all over the world. Some of these customs have been passed down to each successive generation and are still being honored today.

The closest association with the wedding cake of today was those made many years ago of wheat; they were much smaller though and the bride had them broken over her head. It is believed this was a fertility act and also to bring good luck although this is no longer performed. The cake will feature in many wedding photographs so it is only fitting that the bride and groom should take some time to choose the perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cakes have always been three tiered with each tier slightly smaller than the one below but this tradition is not so prevalent with some weddings having cakes with up to seven tiers. In an effort to make a wedding individual, it is actually possible to design your own cake for that touch of uniqueness.

The purpose behind cutting the wedding cake was as a sign to everyone that the formalities associated with a wedding were over and that she would soon lose her virginity. The more recent meaning of this act has adjusted with the times and the groom also participates now with the meaning changed to on that signifies their unity in the future.

There are many wedding traditions but one of the more interesting is that one that says  that if an unmarried woman sleeps with a piece of wedding cake beneath her pillow then she will dream of the man she will marry. As customs go this one should be told at the wedding reception to the ladies. The top tier of the wedding cake was traditionally kept and used at the christening of the couple's first child but today this tradition has been modified slightly and the top tier is saved to be used at the couple's first anniversary.

Bridesmaids were also involved at one time in the past as lucky charms attached to a ribbon were inserted into the wedding cake; each had a special interpretation but usually telling the person what to expect in the future. These charms are still used today and are often found on bracelets worn by women that have the likes of hearts (bringing love), horseshoes (good luck) or an engagement ring (the next to wed) to name a few of the more common ones that are recognized.

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